David Bowie Published 25th Album Blackstar


David Bowie went unassumingly into a New York Jazz Club to hear Donny McCaslin play. And The Saxophonist David Bowie had a vision for the rhythmic underpinning of what would become his final album Blackstar. He met McCaslin in person a week later and soon emailed him to propose a collaboration.

David Bowie Published 25th Album Blackstar

“Blackstar,” Bowie’s 25th studio album, presented the legendary rocker experimenting till the end, crafting a style of hard jazz. As his voice duels including the saxophone of McCaslin, an artist who has shifted the boundaries of electronica in jazz. “Blackstar” was published to wide appreciation on January 8, 2016, Bowie’s 69th birthday. Two days later, he astonished the world when he died after an undisclosed fight with cancer. “It’s a year like none other for me,” McCaslin told AFP at a coffeehouse in Greenwich Village.

McCaslin Statement About David and Blackstar

“I was so pleased to see the critical approval, particularly for David. It was all so amazing. Then he passed away; I was just overwhelmed emotionally.” In October, McCaslin and his band released their album, “Beyond Now,” which was inspired by “Blackstar.” However, he still does efforts to listen to “Blackstar,” saying he is “still processing the feelings around it.” Conversable but with visible emotion while discussing Bowie, McCaslin had partied in high school to the rocker’s disco-pop “Let’s Dance,” otherwise he knew little of his work. After he had signed on for the “Blackstar,” the 50 years old California native listened to Bowie classics but soon stopped, after realising that Bowie had chosen him for his sound.


“I received an email exchange with him about this, and I said something like, ‘Hey, I am checking out some of your histories.’ And he stated, ‘Oh, what are you listening to?'” McCaslin listed in some of Bowie’s most famous tracks such as “Life on Mars,” “Space Oddity” and “Changes.” “He mentioned something to the effect of, ‘You know, that is older stuff. And I am into some different stuff now.’” McCaslin declined to say anything if he knew about Bowie’s cancer. However, he said Bowie was “always super presenter” and warm.

Bowie would usually compose songs at his New York penthouse, he said, making demos with guitar, drum machines, synthesised bass, and vocals and occasionally playing the saxophone himself. “Blackstar,” was the album which listed as best collections in 2016, stayed on number one around western world charts. But didn’t get the nomination for Grammy as ‘Album of the Year.’

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