Daewoo Introduces its Daewoo Cab App

Daewoo Cab app free download

With the innovation in technology day by day, everyone wants to be a part of this technology. Uber and Careem open their services for everyone and extending it day by day. As well as Daewoo also starts its app for cab services to compete with other services. The private cab companies bring out bigger cars along with ACs, and expensive to use too. Daewoo has just dug out the cab app services. The Daewoo cab app is very beneficial for all who want to go for a ride. This Daewoo Cab App makes your journey easier and more beneficial than before.

Daewoo Introduces its Daewoo Cab App

Daewoo Cab App Availability in Cities

The cab services are accessible in the following cities:

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi/Islamabad
  • Abbottabad
  • Multan
  • Peshawar
  • Faisalabad
  • Sialkot
  • Sukkur

Here is another exciting news for the citizens of Karachi from Daewoo. Karachi’s citizens have an opportunity to use the promo code “DAEWOOFIRST” and get Rs. 300 off on their first ride into the city. Unlike other riding facilities, Daewoo provides business class cars like Toyota Corolla XLI, etc., and is much more expensive in comparison. Daewoo is hopeful to mark a place with its luxury ride-hailing facilities in the market. The Daewoo cab app is quite close to the Careem app regarding its complete design. Although, this app is comparatively less advanced than other similar apps as they lack animation factor.

How to Use Daewoo Cab App

You have to sign in to open the app because this is the first thing to do. Afterwards, A simple booking page opens in front of you. After finishing the registration procedure. For setting pickup and drop-off locations, this app uses Google Maps. The Daewoo travel app offers a Now/Later option for ride booking now or at a later date likewise Careem App.

Payment options, ride history, contact information and other settings can be accessible by swiping right from landing page. Daewoo also adds Wallet option in their app as it was already used in Careem’s app.

Download Daewoo Cab App

To download Daewoo Cab App Click Here

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