Best Three Methods To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home

3 Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home

Makeup as an essential thing to do on a daily basis, however, sometimes we forget to take care of the tools which help us to do make up easy and best. Furthermore, cleanliness of the makeup brushes is the most important work to do. You never need anything special or to go anywhere whereas you can clean up makeup brushes at home easily. Dirty brushes contain makeup remains which after some time become a destroyer of your skin beauty. Makeup brushes like our skin need to be clean up regularly. Here are the three best ways to clean makeup brushes. By doing these methods, you can clean the makeup brushes easily and in no time.

3 Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home

3 Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home

First Method To Clean Makeup Brushes

In the way which you use the brushes also matters as if you have been used the brush for creamy makeup it needs more deep cleaning process. Whereas, if you have been used the makeup brush for a powdered form of makeup it is easy to cleanup. Take lukewarm water and run it on the brushes. Make sure that brush is angled down into the flow of water. Keep running water from it till you get to know that most amount of the makeup has been rinsed off.

Take ¼ cup of lukewarm water in a bowl. Add a little amount of baby shampoo and mix it well. You just need to dip bottom of the brush into the water leaving the edge of brush near its mouth. Gently massage the brush in order to remove all makeup from it. Rinse lukewarm water and keep rubbing the brush gently. Pat dry using towel gently. Your brushes now cleaned. It is the best method to clean makeup brushes at home.

3 Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home

Second Method To Clean Makeup Brushes

Take an antibacterial liquid dish washing soap and olive oil. Take a plate which is clean. Add both things in an equal amount to the plate. Mix them well. Swirl your brush into the mixture properly. After that swirl it on your palm, when all of the dirt and makeup remaining of makeup. Rinse off using lukewarm water. While washing the brushes, you need to massage them gently. Let it dry. And store properly. This method is the 2nd best way to clean makeup brushes at home.

3 Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home

Third Method To Clean Makeup Brushes

Take oil (you can take olive oil) and pour a drop of it into a paper towel. Spinbrush front part into it. Try to avoid soaking the brush in oil. Run lukewarm water on the brush. You need to keep brush upside down. Mix a small amount of shampoo in your palm. Swirl brush into circular motion into your palm. Wash it out and let it dry. You can clean makeup brushes at home quickly by doing this method.

3 Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home


Here are some do’s and don’ts which you need to follow in order to keep your brushes for a long time in good condition

  • Do not use hot water on to the brushes because it will damage the parts of brushes or make them weak
  • Keep edges of brush safe
  • Prevent water to go inside edges of brush
  • Don’t go too hard when massaging the brushes, however, do it gently
  • Always cover your brush with brush guard after using it
  • Store it in a glass or anything which prevents dirt to go inside it
  • Put it upside down. It will prevent the bacteria and makeup remaining to go inside the brush

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