Cinemas Are Now 100% for Business Not for Art – Soha Ali

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Soha Ali Khan belongs to a superstar’s family daughter of a superstar mom Sharmila Tagore. Her brother Saif Ali Khan also working in Bollywood from last 20 years. She said that it is a tough task to compete with your superstar parents in the film industry.

Someone ask her that is the journey of film industry becomes easier having a superstar mother?
She just answered ‘No,’ when someone enters in the film industry he or she has to prove himself. It is not an easier task to be a superstar if you are son or daughter of a superstar, but you have to prove yourself with your work.


Soha Ali Khan reached at her 37 years; she said that it’s effortless to get a chance in the industry. But after that we have to prove ourself as a good actor then we can survive in the industry.

She Said:
My mother is a superstar; my brother is too, but I haven’t proved myself as the hotshot. It was not so easy for me because it demands a huge struggle. I have many flop movies in my career like ‘Tera Kya Hoga Johnny, ‘Mr. Joe B. Carvalho and Dil Kabaddi, as these movies did not give good results.
She has a movie with her mother Sharmila Tagore in the English language named ‘Life Goes On’ and she also works in commercials with her brother.

Soha Ali Views About Cinemas

After a question about her next project with her mother or brother? she answered
‘It’s not upon my will; it will be the plan of a director, producer or writer to come up with the project which makes sense.’ She added, “I know it will be fun for me to act with them in a movie but I need a proper role in the film.” ‘In 1970’s there were commercial and non-commercial cinemas where high budget and low budget films were displayed because cinemas were the symbol of art. But now the time has been changed and now Cinemas have only the purpose making business.
She said about her 12 years in the industry. ‘I am surprised that 12 years has been passed so quickly? Those 12 were replete with the fun I enjoyed and loved that time.’

In the end, Soha Ali said that ‘You cannot compare your success with others and if it makes you content than its right and I am content.  I don’t want too much work, but I work enough which makes me financially independent.’

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