How To Change Look Of Your Small Eyes

Makeup tips for small eyes

Eyes are the windows of our soul, and their look matters a lot, so everyone desires to make their eyes look improved. Here are a lot of makeup tips by doing them you can improve look of your small eyes. You can create a perfect shape of them using makeup instruments. Women who have small eyes always need to make their look deep. The changing of look will be regarding your face look.

First of all, you have to shape up your eyebrows regarding your eyes. Keep in mind your eyebrows would not be so thin, not too thick but it would must be in an average size. If they are not normal, you can make them standard using a pencil. Make its corner balanced using eye pencil.  After that apply primer before doing eye makeup, it will make it long lasting.

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

tips for small eyes

Don’t go thicker! Use lighter eye shadows on eyelids. Use these eyeshadows on a wider scale to cover all eyelids properly. So the shadows will become in focus. You can also make changes into the color of eyeshadows regarding your skin tone.

Shimmering Eye Shadows

You may use shimmering eye shadows as metallic, frosty and pearly eye shadows become the best thing for small eyes to look bigger. For the reason that this type of eye shadows caught the light and made your eyes appearance larger. You can also use a beige pencil there.

Darker Shades on Outer Corners

You should apply darker shades on outer corners of the eyes to convert your small eyes into big eyes. You can use a pencil eyeliner to get the cause. You much cover the edge with a darker shade.

makeup tips for small eyes

Mascara for Small Eyes

Mascara gives a smooth and natural bigger finish to the small eyes. Mascara is the most necessary thing for your eyes.

Use Extensions

You can use false eyelashes to make your eyes’ look into bigger eyes. The false lashes will make your look somewhat different than another one.

These are some useful tips for small to make their look bigger one. Bigger eyes look beautiful and attractive on the face. These are all for the people who have small eyes use these methods and enjoy a charming look.


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