Causes of Yellow Teeth

Causes of Yellow Teeth

First time when you see your teeth in the mirror and find them yellow get shocked? Yes! Before doing any treatment to your teeth, you must have to know What Causes Yellow Teeth? Any problem can prevent by knowing the causes and take yourself safe from them. There are a lot of factors which causes Yellow teeth. You can do care for your teeth more than before to make your teeth whiten. Sometimes it becomes because of some genetic issues which are difficult to resolve.  However, first of all, you have to know What are the Causes of Yellow Teeth and how these causes destroy your white teeths.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

Here we are going to discuss the five major causes of yellow teeth.

1: Yellow in Your Genes

There is a possibility that you got in inheritance the more yellow than that of other people whose genes differ. You can fix the problem when you notice that your teeth are getting yellower than before. You can use a few whitening stripes.

2: Medication

If you are on certain medications like doxycycline, antibiotics and tetracycline. These medicines can cause the yellow teeth younger than eight years old children. Some antihistamines, high blood pressure and antipsychotic medicines can also color adult teeth.

3: You have an Illness

There is another possibility of yellow teeth that you have an illness. The treatment of a disease, such as chemotherapy or radiation in the habit of treat cancer. In this case, the stain is additional of a brownish color.

4: Smoking

Smoking is one of the main cause in the list of causes of yellow teeth. Tobacco commodities, like cigarettes and pipe smoke, stain teeth. If you put away these particular foodstuffs, your teeth will grow dim over time.

five main Causes Yellow Teeth

5: Lack of Oral Hygiene

When you do not more often than not brush, floss and rinse your mouth to remove plaque build-up. As well as tartar, this can speed up the discoloration of your teeth.

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