Gr8 Women’s Awards 2017 Dubai

2017 Gr8 Women’s Awards Dubai UAE

The sparkling, superb, excellent, and magnificent 7th annual Gr8 Women’s Awards opening with wonderful red carpet show’ held in the Roda Al Bustan, Dubai. Essentially, The Gr8 Women’s Awards 2017 organised to appreciate the women […]

Bolan Gulf Awards 2017

Bolan Gulf Awards A Jest or an Award Show

Bolan Gulf Awards show was held under the organisation of Bolan Cultural Society in which many people don’t attend the show, whereas their names included in invitations. Alternatively, the award distribution is also done in […]

Best New TV Series 2016 USA

Best New TV Series 2016 USA

TV series are that programs which are shown on TV by air cable or internet television in the form of series or episodes. The purpose of Television series is to entertain people as it includes […]

15th Lux Style Awards 2016

15th Lux Style Awards 2016 Karachi

The Luxurious, the Dazzling and the charming 15th Lux Style Awards 2016 held in Karachi on October 29, 2016, at 7:30 pm, Expo Centre Karachi. As it was accustomed before that the best Awards show in Pakistan […]

arab fashion week

Pakistan Galvanize Huawei Arab Fashion Week

Huawei Arab Fashion week Huawei Arab Fashion week introduces a new trend in the field of fashion. This time twenty-two different Gulf countries are performing in this event. Skillful and talented Lebanese designer ‘Rami Kadi’ […]