Castor Oil Uses for skin

Castor Oil Uses for skin

Many things here you find in your life some are beneficial or some are harmful yet another genre of things is which is entirely unknown to us, or we don’t know the exact benefits of the things. Castor Oil is a thing which is useful for skin, but mostly people are blank from its advantages. However to know a thing’s uses properly is a key to get benefits from it.

1: Castor Oil as a Cleanser:

Castor Oil is the best cleanser for your skin it removes dead skin cells from your skin. Dead skin cells take away the shine of the skin when dead skin cells remove totally it makes skin to shine, radiant, and bright. The best way to use it is to take a cotton ball apply some drops of castor oil on it then apply on your full face then washed out with lukewarm water or with cold water. The oil will remove all impurities as well as breakouts from your face.


2: Use as a Skin Moisturiser:

Castor oil will be your good skin moisturiser if you use it. Take one tablespoon of castor oil adds some virgin olive oil into it. Massage with this mixture your face for two minutes till it’s absorbed into your skin. Take a washcloth and soak it in lukewarm water then scrub your face with this cloth very softly two or three times. Splash with cold water then uses a facial toner. Use this method thrice a week to experience changes.

3: Tonic for Lips:

Castor oil is also an excellent tonic for your lips it will hydrate your lips and add the charming and desirable look. Apply it on lips before going to sleep, or you can do it in the early morning. It will be the dearest balm for your lips.

4: Useful for Eyebrows:

Castor Oil is so useful for your eyebrows, use it as a cleanser. It will make them brighten, dark and increase their beauty.

Castor Oil Uses for skin

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