Brentwood, Essex – Is it Really a Boring Town?

To start with, we would like to explain this title pertaining to Brentwood, Essex being a bored town. During the 1990’s, Brentwood gained some attention throughout the nation as being one of the most boring towns to be found in Britain. Initially, David McClucky was the guy behind all of this. He was the managers of Brentwood Theatre. When he was being interviewed by the media, he stated that it was hard to pick out something that was interesting about the area. Later, after the event, he later noted that he meant to say that it is hard to pick just one event as there are tons of interesting events in Brentwood.

With that said, Brentwood – Essex is obviously not a boring town. In fact, it is so much more as it has so many things to offer. It is a suburban town that has a shopping area and a high street. The shopping area in this town may be a bit on the small side, but as the years progress, it is growing.

There are some notable businesses in Brentwood, such as the Ford Motor Company United Kingdom headquarters and Amstrad headquarters. Thermos is the business that is well known for operating in the town.

So, why the name Brentwood? Brentwood comes from th corruptions of the words Burnt Wood. You will still be able to find Burntwood visible on some of the old maps for Brentwood. The name Burntwood is used in order to describe the reason for settlement in the Forest of Essex.

In the beginning, Brentwood existed as an ancient parish holding over four hundred and sixty acres of land. During the year 1981, the population in this area was 4,949. Anyone who would like to go to a town where there is too many activities to choose just one, should go to Brentwood – Essex.

Source by Simon Haughtone

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