Best Tie Brands in USA

Best tie brands in USA
A tie or necktie is a decoration piece around the neck which consist of some fabric like silk, cotton, wool, etc. Different brands introduce various styles and designs of a tie. There are different types of Ties like an ascot, bow tie, zipper tie, clip-on tie, etc. Men Used to wear ties of the top brand which give them an impressive look. Neckties can be resized, but mostly they are available in a large size. In some cultures, young boys and men wear ties as part of the usual dress of the office or as formal wear. Some women wear them too, but not usually as common in men. Ties can also be worn with a uniform, while some people choose necktie to wear regularly with their daily dressing. Here is a list of best tie brands in USA, they manufacture ties in different textures, different patterns, etc.

Best Tie Brands in USA 2016


The banana republic was established in 1978; they produce outfits of men, women, and kids. Seersucker Tie of Banana Republic got much fame because of its classic design made from good fabric. It gives a gorgeous look while wearing and is easy to press as it is in hand pressed version. The price of seersucker tie is about $60. Like seersucker, banana republic also introduced many other ties which are famous in public. Banana Republic has the first position in the list of best tie brands in USA.

 Best tie brands in USA

2.    H&M

Soft Wool and glowing Silk when blended results in a beautiful and comfortable H&M Wool Blend Tie to wear. H&M stands between world’s famous fashion groups which inspire with their different brands like H&M, COS, Monki, and other. In 1947 H&M was established in Västerås, Sweden. Their necktie stood on the second number on the list of best tie brands in USA.

Best tie brands in USA

3.    J. CREW

J. Crew is a famous brand which produces different kinds of stuff with style. This company manufactures out-wears of Men and women, Tie, Jeans, Pants, Tops, Shoes, Blazers, T-Shirts, Jackets, and Skirts are different wearing products. But J. Crew is well-known due to their good looking ties and on the list of best tie brands in USA it has the third position.

Best tie brands in USA


Nordstrom is a famous name among fashion and designing, working since1901. The company started about 100 years ago; they manufacture out-wears of men, women, and kid’s with a different style. With the passage of time and the enhancement in living-style of human beings, they also grow their products with new needs and demand of people. Nordstrom also introduces different ties with distinctive designs and quality fabrics. The John W. Nordstrom Woven Silk Tie got much attention of the public when launched in the market due to its exceptional design and look.

Best tie brands in USA


Original Penguin is a famous company of men, women outfits, shoes, and Ties, etc. Young Generation like their silk made ties.

Best tie brands in USA


HUGO BOSS is a Germen company which have magnificent creations. Tie and Bow Ties are also made there; silk and linen used for the manufacturing of these ties. Their products are too much expensive, but price doesn’t matter if they have exclusive design and fabric. Linen patterned tie has a sixth place on the list of best tie brands in USA.

Best tie brands in USA


BONOBOS is a well-known brand making outwear for men like T-Shirts, Pants, Jeans, Bow ties, ties and many other kinds of stuff.  There are various designs of ties having different colors, textures, and patterns which gives a gorgeous look while wearing them. In the above list of best tie brands in USA, Bonobos stood on the seventh number.

Best tie brands in USA


Burberry is a well-known outwear brand of men, women, and children. They also have an exclusive variety of ties, in colors, textures, and fabrics. Classic Cut Polka Twill Tie, Slim Cut peony print rose Silk Tie, Modern Cut Silk Check Tie, Slim Cut Textured Striped Tie, Modern Cut Check Cashmere Silk Tie are most famous ties of Burberry.

Best tie brands in USA


Joseph Abboud presented a broad range of Ties which are available for people in every age. They have neck ties with different colors, Fabrics, and styles. Youth attracts towards their ties as they chose color scheme very carefully. Joseph Abboud stood ninth among the list of best tie brands in USA.

Best tie brands in USA


Etro is a well-established brand of neck tie. They also have neck ties with different colors, fabrics, and styles. Their various styles of the tie like Etro Striped Silk Tie, Woven Silk Tie, and Patchwork effect Tie, Metallic stripped Tie are famous among people. Their prices are affordable and are in the range of ordinary citizens.
Best tie brands in USA

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