Best Handbags Brands in USA

best handbags brands in USA

Famous Handbags Brands in USA

Jhon Keats Said: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Apparently, a beautiful thing gives happiness to the heart which gets it. A handbag is a broader accessory that contains objects beyond money, such as items of personal. In 1900, the term introduced for hand holding the bag as a handbag, initially men used them to carry their luggage.. But with the passage of time it also termed with women because of their different accessories. Handbags have much importance for the elegance of visual accessories for women and their various functions. Here are some famous best handbags brands in USA, which are renowned due to their design and quality.

Popular Handbags Brands in USA

1.    Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a renowned American designer who establishes a brand with his name by bringing a lot of things including Handbags, watches, jewelry, shoes, Clothing, etc. Their bag designs are fabulous and impressive, which attracts people towards them. They have different varieties of bags like tote bags, shoulder bags, Cross body bags, and wristlet. The color scheme used in the designing of bags gives a handsome look to the bags entirely. Michael Kors stands on the first number among best handbag brands in USA.

best handbags brands in USA

2.    Blair Ritchey

Blair Ritchey is a fashion designer who also designs unique and quality handbags. According to Ritchey, she made designs by keeping in mind the interest of ladies, how their personalities become more beautiful and attractive? She changes her styles with the change of time and interests of her customers. Her collection includes shoulder bags, Totes, and cross body bags. Blair Ritchey’s styles are a masterpiece and have an exact match with suiting and different occasions. Ritchey also try to decorate handbags by attaching different hand made things.

best handbags brands in USA

3.     Coach

In 1941 Coach Inc. was established and it is an American famous brand. Coach is known for manufacturing luxury bags, shoes, sunglasses, fragrance, jewelry, etc. This reputable company has a name because of its immense variety and styles of handbags. Usually, with Leather and other good quality stuff they made their bags. Coach’s handbags have a magnificent, elevated, and outstanding look. Coach’s variety include various type of bags, like cross body bags, totes, Saddle bags, wallets, Rogue bags, clutches, etc. mostly made with beautiful leather. Coach Inc. has third number on the list of best handbags brands in USA.

best handbags brands in USA

4.    Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is a well-known Fashion designer of America; his company ‘Marc Jacobs’ is working for 30 years. The designs of Jacobs are popular all over the world but have a unique position among the best handbags brands in USA. His brand creates exceptional pieces of products in the field of fashion, makeup and jewelry inspire people in a unique way. He manufactures cross body bags, Totes, Shoulder bags, pouch, clutches, Backpacks, cosmetic bags, etc. Marc’s handbags are in high range, and models mostly use them in fashion shows.

best handbags brands in USA

5.    K-Slade

K-Slade was founded in 2010 at Evansville, Indiana by Kelsea Slade and is a famous brand of handbags. The design’s of K-Slade’s bags have such a classic look that it helps to grow and spread American Heritage versions. The productions of K-Slade include cross body bags, Clutches and Brooklyn Foldovers with an entirely new look.  Their styles are elegant and decent, and the prices of handbags are also affordable for ordinary people. On the fifth position, K-Slade is present on the list of the best handbags brands in USA.

best handbags brands in USA

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