Best Hair Dryers in the World

best hair dryers in the world
A hair dryer is an electric device used to dry hairs rapidly; also it is helpful for styling of hairs. Usually, it has a nozzle from which hot or fresh air flow comes out to dry hairs. There is about three or four temperature for warm air in the dryer, which is helpful for hair drying, and temperature can also be set to low and high by pushing the button. You can adjust the temperature and speed of hair dryer as you need with the help of a button. Top class barbers and beauticians mostly use best hair dryers in the world at their hair and beauty salons to provide their best services.
There is also a cold air button which after pushing gives a standard temperature air. It has a motor inside, and the dryer’s efficiency depends on this motor life. Hair dryer is a useful device both at home or in salons as it is helpful in reducing frizz from hairs and gives them smooth and silky finishing.
These dryers used in several salons are mostly expensive as they have high-quality machinery inside them. Below are some best hair dryers in the world, which are good in their work and give ultimate results.

Best Hair Dryers in the World 2016

05: Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

Harry Josh’s Pro Dryer 2000 is light weight having qualities of professional dryers, quick work in less time. Pro Dryer 2000 gives a healthy and attractive look to hairs, with smooth and silky shine.  Dual filtration system reduces energy use up to 70 %.  Its nozzles are also wide to make styles of hairs more quickly and efficiently. It is professionally designed having eight different settings of heat, ion and speed. In our list of best hair dryers in the world, Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 is at fifth position.
best hair dryers in the world

04: Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer is an ultra-powerful dryer which works fast and quickly, it reduces frizz and keeps the hairs smooth and shiny. This dryer is helpful at barber shops due to its long lasting results and its efficiency to dry water quickly. It has three different temperatures and two speeds to adjust according to the need. Operating Volts of Drybar are 110/120 volts. Its power cable is 9 feet long, and weight is about 449 grams. Among best hair dryers in the world, Drybar Buttercup dryer has the fourth number.
best hair dryers in the world

03: Twin Turbo 3200 Dryer

Twin Turbo 3200 is an exclusive invention in the best hair dryers as it has a unique anti-overheating quality. Anti-overheating feature maintain the temperature of the device while it has four temperatures and two different speeds. There are two different diffusers and removable filter made of stainless steel. It is built with ceramic and ionic technology, and its air flow rate is 83 m3/h. Twin turbo is safe for all hair types either thick or thin, curly or straight. Its motor is designed with the unique quality of a long time working, and everything in the dryer is recyclable. Twin Turbo has third number on the list of best hair dryers in the world.
best hair dryers in the world

02: GHD Air Hairdryer

GHD Air is a perfect hair dryer its air of high pressure, it decreases frizz, make smooth and soft hair. It has two different nozzles, so you have to use anyone. Its design is ergonomic, so if you are left handed or right, you can use it efficiently. It is stronger than other regular dryers because of its 2100w motor and 3m long power cable. It has just not warm hair but also has cold and fresh air. On second place among best hair dryers in the world is GHD Air Hairdryer.
best hair dryers in the world

01: Bio Ionic 10x Ultra light speed dryer

Bio Ionic 10x Ultra light speed dryer is quite different from conventional dryers, as those dryers increase the temperature of the room. Bio Ionic has the quality to dry hairs efficiently without increasing the room temperature. Its price is about $330 which is somewhat high. It can also be useful for all types of hairs without damaging their roots and strength. The bio ionic 10x ultra dryer ranked first in the list of best hair dryers in the world.
best hair dryers in the world

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