Best Foot Care Pedicure At Home

foot care at home

Feet are the part of our body which ignored mostly, because of busy life schedules of a person. But it take only 45 minutes to re-shine your feet. You can do it regularly within every month. The simple method to do a pedicure at home. Therefore, to clean feet, you can wash them properly three times a week, and for extra foot care pedicure is effective.

Best Foot Care Pedicure At Home

1. Soaking:

First of all you should take a pot in which your feet can soak properly. Put water on the stove and heat it then add it to the container. Take salt, aromatic essential oil, bleach powder, pebbles sparkling crystals, and shampoo and mix all things into the water. Soak feet with this water for minimum 5 minutes and maximum ten minutes. But not soak more than this limit because extra time can make your skin dry.

Best Foot Care Pedicure At Home

2. Sanding:

Using a pumice stone or file, to remove the bumps on the surface of the wet foot, indicating edges and calloused areas. It performs long strokes in one direction, firmly and gently to avoid annoying your skin. The nursing foot care, the use of sharpened instruments as razors, blades, and scalpels should evade as it may seriously harm them. If you are fighting with a problem of horns or horn thick and stable, then it is the best way to hire a certified professional worker.

Best Foot Care Pedicure At Home

3. Scrubbing:

On wet skin, use a cream or gel exfoliator with circular actions, focusing on the newly sanded surfaces for further enlightenment. Washed with clean water, then dry your feet, taking care to wipe between our toes because this space is helpful to the improvement of fungal diseases or mycoses. You can also use Aloe Vera on your feet to brighten them while Rose water is also useful. In the end, massage your feet with any good product. These above are useful methods for best foot care and give them fresh look.

Best Foot Care Pedicure At Home

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