Best Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Face types

Eyebrows are the thick lined hair which grows upside of the eye, and they shaped like the lower shape of the supraorbital ridge. Their primary task is to obstruct the inner eye from debris, water, and sweat, etc. As eyebrows give a distinctive look to any person, so the importance of eyebrows can’t be ignored. When someone is giving his or her expressions (like a surprise, anger, happy, etc.) upon something eyebrows movement is prominent. In the article below we will discuss best eyebrow shapes for different face types.

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Face Types

Women are very conscious about their eyebrow shape, and she modifies them by removing some hair from up and down of eyebrows. Usually, a beautician can shape them up properly because it is a very soft and prominent area of the face that a wrong shape can ruin all look. There are different perfect fitted shapes of eyebrows for a particular look like it is different for round shape face and different for oval shape face. But you can do it if you have to know perfect about your face shape. Do not follow forms blindly but just make the shape which suits on your face. How can you know which eyebrow shape suits on your face?, When you come to know about your exact face shape

A Simple Method To Know Exact Face Shape

For this purpose you have to stand straight in front of a mirror then you would take a pen or lipstick or anything which will draw a visible line softly. Then draw a line looking on your face edges through the mirror. Do not include hair and ears just face sides should include. Starts it from the bottom of the chin and again reach there. Then fit your face into it this will give you perfect face shape, if it is heart shaped, round shaped, square shape, etc.

1: Eyebrow Shapes for Square Face

Square is a shape is which have four parallel edges, but in the face, there are no hard and fast rules. A square shape face usually has the same width of the forehead and jaw. In a square shape a broad face having a high forehead and a large jaw line with a pointed chin. There are three shapes of eyebrows which can make radiant the square face Angled, Soft Angled, and curved shapes. The soft Angled shape has some soft curves and peaks, but with low high and medium arches. This shape has round edges to start then it goes softly till the end it would be high or low arches. Soft arches are considered the best. Curved shape called S shape. This shape can get by keeping eyebrows straight from nose to create a curve.

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Face types

2. Eyebrow Shapes for Round Face

Round shape of the face is a causal shape. There are some eyebrow shapes to make your round face look change, Curved and angled eyebrows can be prominent your face features. An Angled shape of the eyebrow with sharp and high arch can make your look awesome. Do not make soft it because this will result in a round shape. As much as you can make eyebrows far from the nose, this will make your face thin.

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Face types

3. Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Face

An oval shape is a close curved shape which has close resemblance with an egg. A standard eyebrow is perfect for this type of face shape. The Oval shape considered lucky because you can shape up your eyebrows in some different ways, but it will look good. There is an easy way to shape up, start it straight from your nose edges; you can locate them with the help of a pencil, and hair which are out of this area remove them. Then it will take out of the area of the eye, during this process, eyebrow hair should be thin at last edge, or you can call it eyebrow tail. Eyebrow tail should curve in high and low arches but as much as you like. An oval face can carry thick and thin eyebrows properly.

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Face types

4. Eyebrows Shapes for Long Face

A long face can look short by making an eyebrow which is broader, or we can say extend it from east to west. Extend eyebrow tail but do not too much ends it before forehead but a longer eyebrow can effect well upon a long face. Start it from the bridge of the nose and keep it until the end of the eye with a medium thickness.

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Face types

5. Eyebrows Shapes for Heart shape

The heart shaped face must handle with more care. This shape face cannot carry a thin or so short eyebrow but no bushy brows can suits. A compact design of eyebrows can handle a heart shape face properly. Keeping eyebrows always groomed can achieve the goal to maintain a heart shape face look.

Some Important things to be kept in view while making an eyebrow style:

Here are some useful tips to make eyebrows perfect. Always start your eyebrows from the bridge of the nose. You can locate it with a pencil or paper. Never makes eyebrows so short or so thin. A sharp end can look broader. Do not make eyebrow so longer, finish it before starting of the forehead.

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