Beauty Tips For Oily Skin In Winter

beauty tips for oily skin

Oily skin can take any problem quickly as pimples, acne and many others but an extraordinary care of skin can prevent these problems. If you take enough amount of water, then it can get rid of many problems. Proper sleep also helps to get a healthy and clear skin. Here we are going to guide you some useful beauty tips for people having oily skin.

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin And Pimples

1. Take one tablespoon of Honey mix in it half tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply it on your face then wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Take it off with mineral water. Lemon & Honey contains elements which clean all oils from the face.

beauty tips for oily skin

2. Make a paste of fresh leaves of Tulsi, take two tablespoons and one tablespoon of rosewater, and mix them well. Apply this paste on your face. After 10 to 15 minutes washed it out with cold water. Tulsi paste works as a bleach and cleans skin deeply. This dough clears all dead skin cells carefully. Rose water works as a skin tonic by using this tonic on a daily basis makes less amount of oils.

beauty tips for oily skin

3. Use Egg white of one egg and mix one tablespoon of milk and mix them well. After beating apply it on your face and wait for 15 minutes, washed it out fresh water. The elements which found in the egg white are too good to clean all oils well. Egg yolk is useful for dry skin.

beauty tips for oily skin

4. Take orange peels make a paste of it the upper area of the peel is so beneficial to clean your skin. Mix Aloe Vera and rose water into it. Massage it softly on your face and leave it till dry. After that wash it out. Repeat this method two times in a week as this is very effective in the list of beauty tips.

beauty tips for oily skin

5. Take popcorn soak into the half cup of milk for 15 minutes. After mixing well take out solid pieces, apply this paste on your face as well as on neck. After 15 minutes wash your face including the neck. Popcorn helps to remove oils.

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