Bangles The Colorful Instrument To Play With

glass bangles

Some days have much importance in our life, and we want to make them as much colorful as we can. Bangles used to wear on Special occasions like Eid, Wedding, Mehndi, Party and other special festivals and functions. The bangles decorate wrist, while primary shape of them is round. This circled part of Jewelry is very beautiful as well as fascinating to wear out. Moreover, bangles are mostly worn out in South Asian Countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Also, bangles have traditional value in the History, specially glass bangles are most common. They related to some traditions which remain incomplete without them.

Bangles have different names in different Languages, as In Urdu it named as چوڑیاں. In Bengali it known as  চুড়ি churi; in Nepalians called it as चुरा Chura; in Hindi, its name is चूड़ी Choodi; in Balochi, it is known as  Bangří‎‎ بنگڑي, and in Pushto, it is called بنګړې. While some other languages have their own names.

Types of Bangles

Bangles have different kinds and materials, as mentioned below

  • Metal Bangles
  • Glass Bangles
  • Plastic Bangles
  • Silver Bangles
  • Platinum Bangles
  • Wood Bangles
  • Ferrous Bangles
  • Sea Shell Bangles
  • Bronze Bangles
  • Gold Bangles
  • Copper Bangles
  • Agate Bangles
  • Chalcedony Bangles

Usually Glass Bangles are the most wearing one material of Bangles. Glass Bangles have their own Charm sometime totally simple however sometime these has glitter on it.

glass bangles

There are bangles which has on them different stones and some glimmering things on it. Girls are very keen regarding bangles matching with their dress or regarding occasion. As On Mehndi Yellow, Green and Orange Color of Bangles are trendy from all time. The Wedding Day is also remains incomplete without Bangles. The Bride has full hands of Bangles.

Here are also some signs regarding this ornament, as Bangles are well-thought-out the symbol of Pleasure. Somewhere it’s considered necessary for the married woman. This and many other symbols are regarding this traditional thing. On Eid Day, young girls like to wear Bangles of different types and colors. Some girls like simple Glass Bangles mixed up with different colors.

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