Bangladesh National Day Celebrations

National day
National Day stands first of all for any nation and they celebrate this even wholeheartedly and with as much as excitement as they can. National Day importance cannot be ignored. On  (Sunday) 26 of march 2017  there were National Day celebrations of Bangladesh. The event was organised well and decorated fully. Many people take part and enjoy the moments. Bangladesh’s accomplishments in infrastructure development deserve a special celebration. A prime Bangladeshi diplomat declared here on Sunday.  At the occasion of the nation’s 47th Independence Day.

First  Independence National Day

“First and foremost, On Independence Day, we also commemorate our country’s achievements. At the same time, We are gratified of Bangladesh’s progress in infrastructure advancement. Especially the 40 percent completion of 6km-long bridge costs $4billion [Dh 14.68 billion] on Padma river such as without any foreign funding.” declared the Bangladeshi ambassador to the UAE, Mohammad Imran. The first thing to remember to be completed in 2018, the bridge linking the central. As a matter of fact southern parts of the country will be an iconic achievement, he said. Bangladesh’s government’s current decision to build a $10-billion (Dh 37.6 billion) sovereign investment fund; to support infrastructure development will also be an encouraging stimulus, he appended.
National Day

 Abu Dhabi Host Independence Day of  Bangladesh

The Embassy of Bangladesh Abu Dhabi host the grand, important, & appreciable Bangladesh National Day event, at Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi. People were so happy gossiping and talking with each other. Women were wearing colorful traditional dresses of Bangladesh. They express their unity and love for their nation.
Above than 500 guests attend this colorful event from Bangladesh Business Community and Different Diplomat professionals & different nationalities.

Bangladesh Independence Day Photo Gallery

National Day

National day

National day

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