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aryan khan interview

A young guy with a spirit of art, who is providing himself alone in a war of illiterate mentalities, is the one and only Aryan Khan. He is a rising talent of the film industry as he is inspiring the hearts of public by his acting and handsome look. Below are few golden words of his fans about him: “Treasure is found in ruins, as we find you in the ruins of our hearts.” His fans always wait badly for Aryan Khan Interview and his vision about his future plans.

Aryan Khan was born on 7th of March 1980 in a Muslim Pathan ethnicity of Nangarhar province Afghanistan. Khan is an extraordinary, popular, and creative artist and a prominent figure in the world of the Cinema. Aryan is also a TV presenter and the champion of the epic sports. Aryan Khan has a courteous personality and he is always ready to accept challenging environment and tasks. He is eye-catching covers, he is getting billboards, and he present his projects with proudness. As it’s the output of his hard work, perfection and passion, he love to work in a professional way.

Aryan Khan Interview by Rubab Saher

Aryan Khan Interview

MMT: Which is your favorite role you have done in the past?

AK: “Soldier” (Sarterai) is one of my favorite projects, my role was a Soldier which has the leading Role, full of emotions. My team did such a great job because this was an American project against terrorism.

MMT: Are you able to work long hours?

AK: Yes I have the stamina to work long hours as I am faithful to my duties.?

MMT: When you have done your first role as an actor?

AK: In 2005, I do my first role in a drama, I was in the character of Son of a King.

MMT: What kind of roles do you prefer?

AK: I usually prefer Emotional and Romantic roles.

MMT: What type of projects are you looking to work in the future?

AK: My main target is to give the first preference to International Projects.

MMT: Tell us who is your favorite artist?

AK: Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, and Amitabh Bachan are true legends of acting. I like their contribution towards acting.

MMT: Tell me something you’re working on now?

AK: Currently I am working in a Lollywood film ‘Gul e Jana’.

MMT: You are also a singer, which one is your favorite song?

AK: I love the song of Kishor Kumar ‘Dilbar mere’.

MMT: What you like most singing or acting?

AK: I prefer acting on singing, as singing is God gifted but in the case of acting you have to show your abilities.

MMT: What inspire you most in singing?

AK: I think composing of the song is the major thing.

MMT: Who is your favorite singer?

AK: Kishor Kumar is my favorite singer, his songs give me inspiration to sing.

MMT: What’s about your upcoming projects?

AK: I am doing a new project in Dubai. There is good news for my fans who are living in Dubai that I shifted in Dubai now permanently. I am still working hard on my surprise new project. Due to this project, I am unable to appear on TV and Cinema screen for almost one year. Some of you already know my type of work that I am keen on quality, not quantity. However, it’s coming soon for my fans.

MMT: Do you want to convey any message to young talent?

AK: Do more hard work, respect your seniors and always try to learn more from them.

MMT: There is also an important thing about you that you have resemblance with Shah Rukh Khan. What would say about that?

AK: Many people tell me that you are Afghan Shah Rukh Khan. As we belong to the same field. And people are comparing me with legends of cinema and I respect them all. It’s a great pleasure for me. Therefore, we should not consider the physical appearance or any other natural similarities. These are good; I respect others attitude, characteristics, acting, profession, and seniority. I appreciate SRK because he is an actor and we all are learning from our senior artists. Arts and acting are like a school.

They have the same uniform, same class, same subjects, etc. In the start of SRK, you all are comparing him with Dilip Kumar because of their faces, and now he has his own name. In my childhood, I was a great fan of Bruce Lee. After a great struggle, I became Master of Martial Arts. I was also impressed by showbiz, and then I decided to act and sing. As I am impressed by Mr. Delip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna,  and Amitab Bachan, they all are great legends of their time. I am a Real Afghan, and I will prove myself in every field of life.

MMT: What is your message for your fans and followers?

AK: I only want to say to all my dear friends, lovers, and fans worldwide that I appreciate your patience and feedback, thanks a lot my dearest fans!.

MMT: Thank your sir.

AK: A smile on his face and he say most welcome.

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aryan khan interview

aryan khan interview

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