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Arslan Sheraz

Arslan Sheraz a rising star with an inspiring voice, he is a beautiful and attractive youngster. Arslan was born on 25th of October 1995, and he is giving his services in Dubai as a singer and RJ on Radio. A captivating voice of Pakistan as he introduces innovations in this profession. He is an actor, a dancer, a singer with a magical voice. He starts taking part in school singing competitions when he was just ten years old. New talent like Arslan Sheraz may bring a positive image of Pakistan towards the world. MMT’s respectable member Miss Rubab Saher meet Mr. Arslan to discuss his views and plans about the profession. In the lines below you can see Arslan Sheraz interview details.

Arslan Sheraz

Arslan Sheraz Interview by Rubab Saher

MMT: (Mirch Masala TV)
AS: (Arslan Sheraz)

MMT: Arslan tell us something about yourself?

AS: I am a Dubai Based Singer/Model and a Radio presenter.

MMT: When you start your career as a profession?

AS: I start working as an Independent artist from the age of 13 and a Solo Admirer of my passion for music and Media Industry.

MMT: How was your experience as an RJ or as a singer?

AS: Being an RJ you need to be so much talkative and active all the time when you are on air. But being a Singer, you must evolve yourself your feelings into the Music then you’ll be a Versatile Artist. So, I think being a Singer I’m more open to taking things.

MMT: What do you enjoy most? Singing or working as RJ?

AS: To be honest, I enjoy both. Because singing is my passion and being an RJ, I can promote my voice and ideas to others.

MMT: Which things inspire you most in singing?

AS: A proper atmosphere in which I can sing with my natural feeling.

MMT: Who is your favorite singer?

AS: My favorite singers are Shreya Ghoshal, Mehdi Hassan and Malika-e-Tarannum (Madam Noor Jahan).

MMT: If you could have any style what would it be?

AS: In Singing, definitely Smooth melody comes into the romantic zone!.

So, yes basically a Loverboy (Playback)

MMT: Which is your first song you ever have sung in career?

AS: My first song was ‘Gulabi Ankhein.’

MMT: What is the biggest challenge in your life you face?

AS: Basically, I belong to a family which is totally against of music and media. So, it was a great task for me to take their permission to enter in this field.

MMT: In which radio you work? As an RJ? When you start your work?

AS: I have begun my career from Pakistan’s Radio station FM 103, then I moved to Burag 104 in 2010. Afterward, I shift to UAE in 2013, working with Suno 1024 FM and then Hum 106.4. Currently, I am giving my services to 105.4 Radio Spice.

MMT: Thank you Arslan for your time, may you have a successful career ahead.

AS: You are most welcome mam.

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Arslan Sheraz

Arslan Sheraz

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