Arshia Komal Sketch Designer Interview

Arshia komal

Arshia Komal Interview

Arshia Komal is a Pakistani sketch designer, and now she is living abroad for the achievement of her goals. She is such an expert in her profession that she wants to show a glimpse of her world to everyone. Along with sketching she also says beautiful poems. According to her, she is a self-taught, young, stupid and wild artist who is in progress of opening the locks of her cage and fly higher in the future. Mirch Masala Team member Mr. Suleman Jazib took her interview to ask her vision, ambitions, and her future planning. We are going to share Arshia Komal Interview session with our fellows in the lines below.

Arshia komal

Arshia komal



MMT (Mirch Masala TV)

AK (Arshia Komal)

Arshia Komal Interview by Suleman Jazib

MMT: Arshia how do you describe your creativity and style, and is it different from other professions, if yes then how?

AK: Everything around us is art and indeed art is creativity. My creativity comes from inspirations, and my inspiration is the Greatest Artist among all us, that is Allah (SWT). I was always blessed with an eye to see art in everything whether it is just a torn white paper or a beautiful piece of a painting by someone famous. For me sunset, sunrise, horizons, humans, animals even everything is art, and I consider myself a piece of art too. I don’t thinkĀ  I am different from my creativity as it is just a drawn explanation of what I see, perceive and convey to everyone. My work connects everyone separately; there are thousands of meanings in one single of mine. And I don’t like to explain my sketches to anyone, as I want everyone to connect with the sketch with his own perception.

MMT: How do you bring your inspiration into a reality?

AK: I can sense what my inspiration want me to understand and with the help of intuition and inner peace I play with the inspiration in my heart and mind. When I am done playing with it, I connect it with my own thoughts, experiences and society’s past, present and future happenings. Finally, my hands help me to draw all this combination on one plain canvas. So that, I convey forward to people whatever happening inside me, as keeping inside always makes me feel suffocated.

MMT: How long does it usually takes you to construct a piece?

AK: It depends on how complicated it is for my hands to understand, what my mind and heart want them to draw.

MMT: How long have you worked as a sketch designer?

AK: I have been making sketches since the age of 7. Colors, papers, and pencils were the only friend I had back then. I haven’t worked anywhere officially yet as I consider my art to be priceless. Each piece doesn’t take only pencils and shades; it takes me entirely to draw it.

MMT: Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

AK: I am a very detached person when it comes to online networking; instead I like living in the real world. But I try to maintain some fan following by posting on my facebook page “Arshia Komal – sketching artist.” I believe, social media has less information about me; there is no particular place to read me. As deep and vast minds cannot be explored quickly.

MMT: What are your future plans?

AK: I plan to pursue my sketching and writing in future along with my studies. I plan to leave my essence in every heart who comes to me or my work (sketch or a poem)

MMT: Thank you mam, for your precious time.

AK: You are always welcome.

Sketch Work of Arshia komal

Arshia komal

Arshia komal

Arshia komal

Arshia komal

Arshia komal

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