Arooba Kashif Interview by Rubab Sahar

Arooba kashif interview by Rubab Sahar

Arooba Kashif is a famous nutritionist in Dubai, she done his online diploma of nutritional from Ireland. She is also working as a diet planner and fitness guide especially for women. She has a deep sight on the health and fitness of women, therefore, her main focus is all age groups of females. Few days back Mirch Masala Tv representor Mis Rubab Sahar meets Arooba Kashif to take her interview on health and diet plans. The interview of Arooba Kashif is given below for our fellows.

Famous Nutritionist Arooba Kashif Interview by Rubab Sahar

Mirch Masala Tv : (MMT)

Arooba Kashif: (AK)

MMT: Arooba Kashif tell me about yourself?

AK: I am Arooba Kashif, a full-time house maker and mother of two beautiful boys. I am pursuing my online nutritional diploma from Ireland and also am a practising diet planner and fitness guide.

MMT: Arooba Kashif how you give importance to nutrition? Will you strongly suggest your patients follow a proper diet to improve their fitness goals?

AK: Nutrition is life for me! Something that I have always loved and shared. Yes diet is essential for us to meet our fitness goals. Our body’s 70 percent fitness and health depend on the diet we take and rest 30 percent depends on the workout we do.

MMT: How do you keep your knowledge of fitness up to date?

AK: Since I am pursuing my certificate studies, so it’s always an advantage to improve and update my nutrition knowledge. Furthermore, I always keep on reading fitness and nutrition articles, and I also study on internet and magazines.

MMT: What is your personal fitness goal?

AK: I want to be a personal trainer and gym instructor of my own gym. A gym that would be ladies exclusive and they would be able to come anytime from morning till evening they are free. I want to train them to get their body goals meet. And I’m striving for it.

MMT: What workouts do you enjoy?

AK: Abs and Zumba are my all-time favourite exercises. Abs workout is most challenging, and I love doing them any day any hour. Zumba is not only a workout, but it’s a stress releasing activity too. Dancing to the fast beats is what makes your body relaxed and forgot all that’s bothering you! It is like losing and toning while enjoying.

Arooba kashif interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT: Tell us about a difficult client you’ve had?

AK: Ahhh! Very difficult to remind. Ladies are very passionate about foods. They keep eating all their lives, but when it comes to losing weight, they want it to lose in a night miraculously. So, some times I also encounter with aggressive clients, but there was one lady that I really had a hard time with her. She would message me every hour till late at night and would abuse if I won’t reply. So yes, I ended up blocking her up! That was only harsh experience Al-humdo-Lillah.

MMT: How do you keep clients motivated?

AK: When I hand over any diet plan, I ask all my clients to keep me updated daily about how their day went. This responsibility keeps them on their tracks. Mostly if I don’t find an update, I ask them. I use to influence them by my story and pics so that they really do what they ought to.

MMT: Arooba Kashif tell us which category of people are you most interested in advising?

AK: I am interested in whole female populations irrespective of age, height, weight and syndromes. I have studied vastly on every age and every female syndrome, so I love advising to all ladies.

MMT: How would you advise a client to keep a food diary?

AK: Food Diary is very important if you are seeking a diet plan and nutrition advice. Many times you won’t remember recipes and many times you won’t like to follow diet day! It is crucial to have something handy that keeps you hooked to your goal. Get a beautiful diary that is attractive enough to be in your hands or near you always, or make one by following a good DIY tutorial. Create separate sections for diet chart, work out and recipes. My website has a lot of recipes, and you can print or copy from them too. You can add colourful and food related bookmarks too in these sections and pages that help you go to it directly without flipping much. And yes, keep your this diary neat and clean and out of reach of your children.

MMT: Do you prefer advising individuals or groups?

AK: Both, I address too many groups on a daily basis and many individuals too! But yes, being an individual myself, I enjoy dealing with an individual client more for better problem understanding and solution.

MMT: Do you think teenagers should take a vitamin supplement to meet their energy level up?

AK: Yes, children of all ages should take a multi vitamin supplement to enrich their bodies and replace nutritional deficiency if any. Furthermore, it’s essential for their mental and physical growth.

MMT: Kindly explain to us what good and bad fat is?

AK: Like our body needs good and bad bacteria; similarly, it needs good and bad fats. Good fats are unsaturated and unprocessed fats and contain everything natural. They have two categories such as poly-saturated, mostly found in fish, walnuts and flaxseeds and monosaturated found in canola, pumpkin seeds, olive, avocado, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, cashew, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts.

On the other hand, unsaturated and Trans fats participate in bad fats. These are found in abundance in poultry skin, red meat, processed and canned foods like chips, microwave ovens food, frozen foods, margarine, cookies, icings, packed cake mixes, etc.

It is essential to avoid all unsaturated and Trans fats, not only do they increase weight but also are the reasons of increasing colon and prostate cancers!

Arooba kashif interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT: Explain what is the most important point to remember in nutrition?

AK: BMI and blood group! The most important thing that comes to nutrition is to know your BMI and blood groups. BMI is body mass index that found with the help of your weight and height! Many websites can help you to find your exact BMI. Not to forget, my website has BMI calculator on the front page. You just have to enter the essentials, and you get a result with a single click. Both of these; BMI and blood group, play a major role in judging how many calories your body needs and what foods are easily digestible and absorbable by your body. Blood group is necessary to judge the foods that hinder weight loss and create stubborn fats in our bodies. So, to avoid such foods, it is very important to know your blood group.

MMT: How much water should an individual consumer per day?

AK: 10 to 12 glasses or 2 to 3 litres are necessary to consume per day! It is recommended, not to drink more than 4 litres as it can damage the working of brain and kidney.

MMT: Why are Antioxidants important for your body?

AK: Antioxidants as the name suggests preventing cells of our bodies from oxidants. Oxidants are the free radicals that environment produces, but our body also produces them naturally. Just like bacteria, oxidants are also important for our bodies to prevent various viruses and microbes entering into it. However, they should be in a balanced count, if they are more than required, then they damage body cells and cause cancers and cardiovascular diseases. That’s why to create the balance, and antioxidants are vital. They fight against oxidants that are more than required count. Whereas, they can cause extensive damage to our body cells.

MMT: What are dietary Antioxidants?

AK: Antioxidants naturally found in plants and everything that comes from plants has antioxidants in it. Dietary antioxidants come from fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, Beta Carotene, Selenium and Copper such as grapefruits, berries like wilk blue berries, strawberries, cranberries, black currant berries and raspberries. Other fruits and vegetables like plum, kale, oranges, red grapes, spinach, Artichokes, cherries, Brussel sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, beets, red bell peppers, onions, corns and egg plants. Antioxidants also found in chocolate, coffee and grains and beans. It is essential to have all these ingredients in your daily life for either meal to safeguard your cells and body organs.

MMT: What is the best vegetable to eat?

AK: Every green leafy vegetable is best to consume any meal of the day anytime. Especially broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, kale, spinach, cilantro and ciliary. All of them have antioxidants, iron, vitamins and essential minerals in them. Not only are they good for your body and fitness but also they are best for face, hairs and nails.

MMT: What was your favourite teaching experience? What made it so enjoyable?

AK: My first LIVE Video on my group regarding PCOS was a hit. I loved the way ladies responded. That’s the most viewed video till date. PCOS is one of the most common and occurring syndromes these days. Many people don’t know basic to advanced things of it. So I gave the extensive detail about everything related to PCOS; from symptoms to causes to treatment to weight loss diet. People loved it, and their participation made me feel precious. I enjoyed it because I have no past nutrition and medical experience and this was the first ever medical related topic. My every word was felt by many and everyone agreed to the diagnosis and symptoms I’d mentioned.

MMT: Arooba Kashif how do you deal with work stress?

AK: Work stress is a casual and natural thing especially when you’re a boss and assistant yourself! It happens with me too. I offer Namaz and spend more time in Sujood to find peace. I take my small boys out to a beach or a coffee date. We spend time together, and it’s just best stress buster.

Arooba kashif interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT: Any message would you like to give?

AK: We, women, are the most important beings on earth. The World needs us; our kids need us, our husbands, parents and home need ours. Care for ourselves should be defined. Our health comes first and should prioritise first. Nothing in the world can replace us ever then why to be careless? Weight and health care go hand in hand; then you are less likely to fall for any disease. Therefore, it is essential that you look after your weights and health. Life is precious, it comes only once, then why not to care for it? Stand up, buckle up and take care of yourselves. Eat healthy and workout. For, you are precious.

NOTE: Above all is the interview of Arooba Kashif, for any question about diet or fitness you can comment below or message us. We will try our best to take the best answer for you from Miss Arooba kashif.

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