Apple Electric Car Project-Project Titan And What It Means!

Apple electric car

Project Titan is the very new project of Apple, the Apple Car project is going to inspire you as the project of Apple as iPhone, IPad, MacBook and Apple Watches as well. It was 2015 when for the first time the rumors about Apple Electric Car titled as Project Titan raises on media. Consistent with the report, the vehicle gazes are similar to a minivan. Senior Apple executives have met with Austrian contract managers with Magna Steyr.
Furthermore, it is now in the chance that if Apple electric car exists or not? Due to having a long era about its rumors but nothing has been launched still. It is already defined by Tesla CEO Elon Musk a ‘missed opportunity.’ Nothing against its rejection that the confirmation of an Apple Car is growing.

However, according to a lot of rumors, it comes on that an electric vehicle is developing under the name of ‘Project Titan’; though the project is listed for the launch in 2019 or 20. It is also said that Apple is developing its electric car in Berlin; along with a team of about 20 ‘progressive thinkers.’ The Cupertino-based technology giant, correspondingly; so they say in talks with constructors of charging stations intended for electric cars.

Is Apple Electric Car Project-Project Titan Exist?

The WSJ states that ‘Apple’ “faiths to place its stamp on the electric vehicle market; by using the same token which it sorts out the smartphone thru its iPhone.” and that the firm prearranged to show the way for the conception of a 1,000-person team. Moreover, it legalized raging on or after various portions of the company.
What’s more? The Style of the car? It is still a researchable topic due to having a number of leaks concerning it. In like manner, several declares it will take a perfect car. Whereas, some other said that it would be a minivan; although this may be true that electric car rumors stay on top of any other one. However, there is a rumor that Apple electric car is going to be driverless.

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