Amir Didn’t Congrats His Brother on His Marriage

haroon khan marriage

Famous Boxer Amir Khan’s younger brother Haroon Khan express his disappointment about the boxer with his wife, as they failed to attend the marriage ceremony of Haroon. He tells his expressions that my brother did not send me even a message of congratulations.’ During an interview Haroon Khan said that Faryal Makhdoom was ‘a law unto herself’: Me and all my family & friends becomes shocked and saddened by what she is saying. However, we try to forget all that negatives at the weekend and just enjoyed. She is the self-centered person and lives on the rules she has to make for herself.

Amir Didn’t Congrats His Brother Haroon Khan on His Marriage

Amir Khan turns thirty, and his wife Faryal Makhdoom failed to attend the bright marriage ceremony of Harron Khan at Bolton’s Macron Stadium. However, TV two days later Haroon re-lived the Saturday’s celebrations and told that he forgive his big brother. Haroon said that on this bitter action of his brother he badly disappointed, but he will forgive him. He should not have to do this yet is upsets me a lot. We live with each other very well, happy, that’s why I need my brother at my wedding ceremony.’

haroon khan marriage

But he favours his brother after that he said that he is not going to give him the tough time. The family stuff is tight, and he was doing his training in America. ‘He knows that I always get him back and if anything get wrong I will always looking forward to him. He is my blood, so it means so much. It is the responsibility of both of us to take care of each other. Furthermore, I am not going to disturb him because he is elder as well as stronger than me. However, I am the good who is looking one.’ Added Haroon.

They have some tensions with Faryal Makhdoom earlier. After that Amir said that ‘my parents are my parents same is the case with my wife, if any misunderstanding developed, they should keep it private.

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