Al Karam Festival Collection 2017

Al Karam is the most famous Brand of Pakistan, and it is working internationally. The brand claims to give every time its customers can realise their dreams by taking someone from its collection. Al Karam Studio made outfits for men, women and kids. Let’s Talk about Al Karam Festival Collection 2017 that is going to fascinate you as well. The creativity which Al Karam studio holds in their each and every outfit is flawless. Their Eid Collection is superb and elevated. The concept which is in every design is unblemished.

Al Karam Eid Collection 2017 is very much impressive, and everyone who sees wants to buy it just now. The Embroidery concerning dress background color is exceptional.  The price which Al Karam Studio holds is reasonable. Their festival collection is vibrant and dazzling. The color schemes which they use are really impressive as well as splendiferous. The excellent color of embroidery as takes a look at this Black Dress its embroidery color makes it a luxurious dress.


The Al Karam Festival Collection 2017 is going to make brighter your Eid Day. The bright color selection is also fantastic and impressive. This Blue dress maintains its uniqueness on the way which it is designed. The design which starts from neck and comes on the front of the shirt is never speak or doubt you while purchasing it. The contrast color of Dupatta which is also fully embroidered will make you say WOW!

Al Karam Festival Collection 2017

This Pastel color dress which is worn by Mahira Khan who is the new Brand Ambassador of Al Karam is looking super and gorgeous. The dress has its individuality among other dresses as its embroidery is striking and colors of embroidery really suit on it.

Al Karam Festival Collection 2017

The imported silk and the chiffon dress all have their beauty. Al Karam Studio keeps in view every time the totally new design for their ready to wear.

Al Karam Festival Collection 2017

Alkaram-Eid-Festival-Collection-2017-9 Alkaram-Eid-Festival-Collection-2017-12 Alkaram-Eid-Festival-Collection-2017-5


Alkaram-Eid-Festival-Collection-2017-6 Alkaram-Eid-Festival-Collection-2017-8 Alkaram-Eid-Festival-Collection-2017-3 Alkaram-Eid-Festival-Collection-2017

For more dresses for your, Eid Day take a look at Al Karam Festival Collection 2017 via

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