Aik Shaam Pakistan Kay Naam by Pakistan Association Dubai

anwar maqsood in aik shaam pakistan k naam

The Pak Association Dubai hosted a grand event under the title Aik Shaam Pakistan Kay Naam. Aik Shaam Pakistan Kay Naam celebrated with the living legend of Urdu Literature Mr. Anwar Maqsood. More than 500 audiences attended this event. It was a fundraiser for ‘Own a Brick’ in Pakistan Centre launched will function under the patronage of PAD. Welfare Community of PAD conceived the idea of Pak Centre. It will offer medical and healthcare facilities to the oppressed class of society who can’t afford expensive health care.

Aik Shaam Pakistan Kay Naam by PAD

The campaign which is named as ‘Own a Brick’ motivates people to own a share of 12,000. Moreover, the original task of the project is to achieve DHs 12 million within 18 months, and each brick costs DHs 1000. The gleaming evening in which honored Anwar Maqsood said: ‘Overseas Pakistanis always have the greatest love for Pakistan in their hearts. The praiseworthy project of Pakistan Centre will reach its destination with the people who gathered here. Pakistanis build a great building for a great cause, and this thing gives me a feeling of proud. This building will give your generation a feeling of pride that their parents were attached to such a great campaign.’ As Anwar Maqsood a legend actor and writer usually write scripts for tv plays. As a result of his active and noteworthy contributions, he is awarded Hilal e Imtiaz in the field of art and literature.

aik shaam pakistan k naam

Dr. Faisal Ikram Views on Aik Shaam Pakistan Kay Naam

Dr. Faisal Ikram (General Secretary of PAD) said that ‘I am hopeful that 20,000 out of 1.4 million Pakistanis who are living in UAE will take part in this fundraising campaign. And these Pakistanis will carve their names on bricks. The project is bygone and unique non-profit health care facility in the entire GCC by emigrants at their Community Center.’ He added that he is so appreciative of his countrymen who made contributions to the great cause. Further he express that this effort will become a source of pride for them when we build a prominent and impressive building.

The ambassador in UAE Moazzam Ahmed Khan said that he is so happy being a part of this great cause. He is much delighted after experiencing that whole community is so spirited and vigorous about their plans. It is the first time he visits the Pakistan Association Dubai.’ Dr. Zia ul Hassan, The president of PAD, said: ‘The activities will start in the building in the next year; the building will stand tall after campaign of 18 months, doing notable works for Pakistanis. The people who possess a brick will be given the membership of PAD for the long term.’

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