Aid to Artisans

India is known all over the world for its diversified culture and communities. The most amazing part of Indian culture is its art. Art dwells at every home in rural India. There is a specialty about every single state…that art sets each of them apart from the other. Cottage industry is the lifeblood of rural India’s economy and creativity runs through the veins of every Indian.

Every state in India has its own kind of art that is nurtured and practiced by artisans living there. Unfortunately not all these artisans enjoy favorable living conditions and fail to get a better life. The underprivileged and deprived artisans in India hardly can afford to earn a livelihood. They work hard for minimum price that they get for their products. Not much is done to improve the conditions for these artisans. However, some non-profit organizations are coming up with their helping hand to support these underprivileged artisans living in various parts of rural India.

Some non-profit organizations in India work for the better of the artisan community in India. They are trying to provide a business platform to these artisans where they can showcase their products. Some of these organizations have also gone ahead to attract international market for exhibiting their products. However, a lot is remaining to be done but the start is quite promising. People from all countries should support these Non-profit organizations for the Artisans in India. The underprivileged artisans in India are now getting a global platform to showcase their talent and hence earn money.

Source by Abhijit Kumar Ray

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