Famous Model & Actor Adil Hameed Interview

Adil Hameed interview by Rubab Saher

Adil Hameed is a famous model, actor as well as a director; he is giving his services in Dubai. He has a strong relationship with the fashion industry and has a strong belief in style. Adil Hameed has an emotional respect for his seniors especially Intisar Issa as due to her Adil established his acting career. If we say him a multitalented person, then it will not wrong because he is also an impressive writer. Mirch Masala TV most active representative Miss Rubab Saher meets Adil Hameed to take his interview for our viewers.

Famous Model, Actor & Writer Adil Hameed Interview by Rubab Saher

I am Adil Hameed, A fashion model, Actor and creative director based in Dubai UAE. The style is my passion this is why very first word comes into my mind like fashion is my passion. To keep me as look well, I always try to change my look. It is my personal thought if you are really creative, you can learn, you can gain. You can keep being the success as well as being one of the great personality of the world.

This world in which we are living is beautiful as GOD gifted us. Now, this is our responsibility to make it as amazing as we can. I always like to write about something which feels me think deeply about the world, human, relationship, etc. I had done modeling workshop named Master Modeling workshop. It was my honor to work with very talented photographer coach and artist Ana Juarez. Also, I am certified from TurJuman Art workshop of acting talent which based in UAE.

Adil Hameed interview by Rubab Saher

Here definitely I won’t forget to take the name of Intisar Issa “The casting director of TurJuman work Art workshop.” She was the lady who gave much encouragement to boost my acting career. There I got the opportunity to perform on the theater stage with a short story. I have done many photos shoots with talented photographers. Also have done fashion shows, ramp walk with international designers.

Adil Hameed in Telefilm ‘Zindgi Ka Safar’

I also got an acting opportunity in a short Urdu Telefilm ZINDAGI KA SAFAR by NK Production. That was the time when my real career started. I can say that I tried my best in that Telefilm to improve my talent to bring to the front of the camera and public. That time I got the positive public response about my acting skills and my style. Also, I was a director and story writer for this Telefilm ZKS. It was another opportunity added in my career journey. That job made me learned a lot about this field as well as creative acting. I got benefit from this opportunity to share my ideas and my experience with my co-stars.

Adil Hameed interview by Rubab Saher

Now, I would like to thank NK Production who believed on me and give me a good break up. As per my perspective to being an iconic personality, you must have to be creative and stylish mind. And of course, keep going on and make yourself proud with your talent as much as you can polish to your work and creativity. You might have noticed I have used many times the word creativity, so this is one of my favorite words. Either you can say, now it is my habit to be a creative and yes I believe very much in creativity.

Also, this is my believe whoever whatever you do you create you plan then you go for it. Trust me it will work. Thankfulness for this opportunity I am the honor to have this interview.

Adil Hameed interview by Rubab Saher Adil Hameed interview by Rubab Saher

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