Abdul Hameed Meeting With Press Councilor Aashiq Hussain Sheikh

ch Abdul Hameed

Pakistan’s social, business personality Chaudhary Abdul Hameed said that it is good work of Pakistan Conciliate in Dubai that it is giving facilities to the Pakistani Community. Newly started online services help overseas in solving their problems due to which only a few people directly interact with Conciliate Dubai. All officers of Dubai, Rana Samar Javed Councilor General Passport, Councilor Wahab Riaz, press Councilor Aashiq Hussain Sheikh are working with high spirit for Pakistani community.

Press Councilor Aashiq Hussain Sheikh

Abdul Hameed Meeting With Newly Posted Press Councilor Aashiq Hussain Sheikh


These members and the newly posted officers in the department of welfare are giving their duties to solve problems of Pakistani community and are committed to providing all facilities. Chaudhary Abdul Hameed said that Pakistan Conciliate and Abu Dhabi Embassy are just like home for overseas Pakistanis. According to him, they are all the organizations that are working for Community’s betterment and welfare. His vision is to groom Pakistan while living outside. For the purpose of majesty and dignity, we should take positive steps and work with unity.

ch Abdul Hameed

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