Aamir Khan Journey of Losing Weight

aamir khan weight lose

Super star Aamir Khan neglects the idea of filmmaker to wear a body suit and become a bulky father of 4 children in his movie Dangal. But the Khan refuses the director to do this artificially, he gain his weight up-to 97kg just to put reality in his character. According to Aamir Khan: “To look a bulky father wearing a body suit is as a dime a dozen but he want a real feeling in character. A person having heavy weight has different body language from a slim one; as there is a huge difference between his walk and talk. So he want to do it with real felling of fat person after gaining weight instead of wearing a body suit.”

Aamir Khan Loses Weight From 97kg to 72kg

Aamir khan in his upcoming movie Dangal was acting as a bulky father named Mahavir Singh Phogat who has four children. He was acting as a person who is 52 years old and Aamir has a role of fat father in the 80 percent of the movie. The rest of 20 percent of movie he is acting as a slim and young person. Starting with 72 kg, he gained up-to 97 kg weight. In start he had 72kg and body fats was 9 percent, he increase his fats till its rate exceed on 35 percent. He increases his weight within 6 months afterward he loses his weight for role of a young person in same time period.

aamir khan weight lose

He elaborates his fit to fat journey and states that, ‘my first role was a younger slim person and later I have to do a role of a fat older one. My director suggest me to do slim role first and then bulky in the last, but I told him that first I will do the role of old bulky man then slim one. Because if I do fat at the end when the movie ends up and I will remain fat and have no reason to struggle to be a fit man. But doing a slim part in last I will have a strong reason to be fit.’

He added: ‘After gaining weight your body language changes as you will breathe heavily.’ According to him, sometimes he feels that it is too difficult to lose his weight with heavy exercises. But he never give up, he struggle his best to get his goal to attain an energetic physique.

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