5 Most Common Beauty Mistakes

five Common Beauty Mistakes

The skin is very sensitive part needs exceptional care as well as the care in right way which has usually ignored. Sometimes you are trying to do our skin details make efforts for it. But first of all, try to search the product you are using if suits to your skin or not? Here are mention some common beauty mistakes which have done to your skin usually.

Five Most Common Beauty Mistakes

1. If you feel squeaky clean your skin after cleansing it with face wash, you may over drying it. In this way, you are losing the natural moisturizers oils completely from the face. This way is just for the oiliest skin to wash with scrub beads or use a foaming cleanser. Choose a moisturising cream cleanser if your skin is dry. Combination skin can handle a tiny bit of lather but pick for a tender formula that won’t irritate dry patches.

2. If you forget to apply sunscreen under your eyes, it will cause skin damage. Applying too close to the eyes can be painful, especially when sweat causes sunscreen to travel. But the skin around the eye is truly the thinnest on the body. Many formulas contain fragrances that irritate the eyes. Apply a fragrance-free sunscreen stick or balm around the eyes that formulated with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

3. Exfoliation aids skin layers to turn over faster. So the process can make your complexion look younger and glowing quickly. On the other hand, too much exfoliation messes on the skin’s barrier, causing it to lose moisture and even be more at risk to redness as well as acne. It is easy to overdo it when you are using a mechanical exfoliant, such as a scrub or washcloth. Instead, select for a weekly gentle-strength chemical exfoliant or peel. It loosens dead skin cells using an acid (salicylic, glycolic, and lactic) or enzyme. Regularly moisturise and apply sunscreen after exfoliating, including avoiding scrubs prepared with particles such as seeds or crushed shells. These type of exfoliants have jagged edges that create microscopic tears in the skin.

4: Sometimes you neglect your neck as well. Our neck is showing the same ageing effects as our faces the skin there is similarly sensitive and sees sunlight almost year-round (turtlenecks notwithstanding). When applying your moisturiser and SPF, don’t stop at the jawline.

five Common Beauty Mistakes

5: Many people doesn’t know how to clean out properly your skin. To avoid irritation just keeps away scrubbing grains during you wash and toners based on alcohol, astringents and wash clothes likewise.


Follow the above five points to avoid common beauty mistakes.

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