5 Homemade Substitutes For Beauty Products

Homemade Substitutes

Loads of products in the market ready and labelled as beauty products including hair products, skin products and much more. However, to use that product is not a safe way. These products contain chemicals inside it. Consequently, those products will be effective but will leave bad effects on the skin. You need to give up chemical containing products and makes your own beauty products using homemade substitutes. In like manner, homemade substitutes are safe as well as beneficial for skin health and its look. Here are five most beneficial beauty products of your own. Made them easily as well as use them to have the satisfaction that no chemical elements are inside.

How To Make Facial Toner With Homemade Substitutes?

Skin tonic or toner is necessary to be used on the skin to make it up regular. For instance, it closes skin pores and makes skin tight and glowing. Besides it clears up the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar will be your best natural toner. Apply a small amount of apple cider vinegar on your face; when it becomes dry, the natural scent of it will fade. You can also add a few drops of essential oil into it. Apple cider vinegar has an ability makes skin fresh, tight, and glowing as well.

How To Make Hair Spray With Homemade Substitutes?

Hair spray will be dangerous for your skin and lungs. For the reason that it leaves chemicals in the air, most of them contain substances which will lead to the disease or even cancer. It is the best quality of natural substitutes that it does not contain any type of harmful chemicals. It will never be harmful in any case.


  • Take lemon juice
  • Add four tablespoons of sugar into a cup of water
  • Boil it
  • You need to dissolve sugar properly into water
  • Put it into a mister bottle

By using these homemade substitutes, your best hair spray will come out. Further, it will hold your hair for a long time. The hair spray will make your hair shine as well. Some difficult type of hair, apply it twice on hair. You can add salt instead for natural waves look. Using salt will provide a flexible hold and not make them dull.

Homemade Substitutes

How to Make Facial Hair Remover with Homemade Substitutes?

Facial Hair now it is the matter of every day. Most of the girls are caught in this problem and want to get rid of it. You can also remove Hair from face permanently using simple natural remedies. Here is a simple natural wax to remove facial hair. How to make it?


  • Take 2 ½ cups of sugar (powdered)
  • Add cups of water into it
  • Furthermore, add ½ cup of lemon juice into it
  • Mix everything well
  • Heat this mixture for 10 minutes.
  • As a result, it will turn into golden brown color.
  • Remove the mixture from heat.
  • Leave it to cool down.
  • It will prove to be a sticky mixture.
  • Your wax is ready.
  • Place it in the refrigerator.

Note: Use it as a regular wax. Apply it on face contrary direction to the facial hair.

Homemade Substitutes For Perfume

The fragrance is need of everyone. However, to make it at home by using natural substitutes thought to be an amazing thing. No need to purchase perfume now for the reason that you have an ability to make your own. How to make Natural perfume?


  • Take a few drops of essential oil like rose oil or lavender oil
  • Add one tablespoon of glycerin into it
  • Further, add 5 table spoons of water
  • Mix everything well
  • Pour it into a spray bottle

Homemade Substitutes

Homemade Substitutes To Make Eye Lashes Enhancer

Everyone desire to have long and thick lashes on eyes. In like manner, girls use fake lashes to improve their eyes look. Here is a very simple natural substitute to enhance your eyes look. You need to apply castor oil on your lashes; it will improve your eyes look. Your eye lashes will look fuller. Besides, castor oil has an ability to improve hair growth. You should use it on a daily basis.

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