5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Failed in Bollywood Industry

Failed in Bollywood Industry

To work out of your own industry goes enjoy full but if you lose in work and do not make your marks in it surely, you will feel very bad and never consider revise it. Some time by luck or some time your abilities come to be an obstacle in your way. Same is the case here with some of the Pakistani actors and actresses they have had gone to Bollywood industry, but for some reasons, their work didn’t get praise enough to work further. However, there are some other Pakistani who get much fame as well as praise in the industry in addition to the audience as Fawad Afzal Khan as in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, (2016) and Mahira Khan in Raees (2017). Raees was also Mahira Khan’s Debut Movie in Bollywood, and it hits Box Office as well. However, some who failed in Bollywood Industry.

Pakistani celebrities who Failed in Bollywood Industry

The actors who are related to Pakistan but got offers from Bollywood and go there to work in their film industry, however, remains unsuccessful in the end. All of those actors are comes in this list. Furthermore, below mention 5 Pakistani celebrities got a MAJOR FLOP in Bollywood.


Failed in Bollywood Industry
Meera is a legend actress in Lollywood, and she has worked for a long time and get much success. She is also recalled for her flawless beauty. She was one more epic flop at the time when she was doing work in Bollywood. In like manner, the controversy queen has done her most excellent and overdrawn all of the boundaries to attain reputation and grandeur but then again remains unsuccessful dejectedly. Her 2005 Bollywood first appearance movie ‘Nazar’ almost certainly trapped in some bad luck and turn out to be a complete flop! On the other hand, she further comes in the Bollywood movie ‘Bhadaas.’ As a result, she comes to be in the list of 5 Pakistani celebrities who failed in Bollywood.

Moammar Rana

Failed in Bollywood Industry
Lollywood famous actor who is an action her and no need to introduce him anymore. He has made a lot of Lollywood hits. There was a couple of Bollywood movies in which Momi work; however, the movie didn’t get much fame to make a sound place for Moammar Rana in the industry. On the other hand, he works in another movie entitled as ‘Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal dy.’ As a result of his, Bollywood flops he get many difficulties; as he needs to take another time start in his industry.

Veena Malik

Failed in Bollywood Industry
A different contentious charisma, Veena Malik finds herself in the news to working in the Bollywood however, for bad reasons. She has worked in Zindagi 50-50 (2013), Dirty Picture – Silk S M, Mumbai 125 KM, Super Model and several others. Her movies sometimes get success, however, a lot of scandals and some other flops she cannot make a permanent place in Bollywood.

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Mona Liza/ Sara Loren

Failed in Bollywood Industry
Mona Liza also tried her luck in Bollywood with a couple of projects; entitled as ‘Kajraare’ (2010) and Murder 3, however she did not get success as she was in Pakistan. As a result, she made her place in 5 Pakistani Celebrities who failed in Bollywood Industry.

Mikaal Zulfiqar

Failed in Bollywood Industry
Mikaal Zulfiqar the famous Pakistani actor who also has a good personality as well as handsome look; also take part in Bollywood movies; with his art of acting. His movie goes successful, but when it comes to a favorable place in the Bollywood industry; he failed to get in point of fact. So, he finds his place in the 5 Pakistani celebrities who failed in Bollywood Industry.

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