5 Beliefs About Bridal Jewellery

5 beliefs about Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery is primarily a thing which increases the beauty of women, especially for special occasions. If the jewellery has cut out from the essentials the women beauty remains incomplete, it certainly needs jewels. Some jewels are used to wear traditionally, here are elaborated some beliefs about those things. Here are five important bridal jewellery parts, without them a bride remains incomplete. And what are the beliefs about these ornaments pieces in different religion and cultures?

Five Beliefs About Bridal Jewellery In Different Cultures

1. Ring:

The most prominent and beautiful part of bridal jewellery. It is the belief of ancient Romans that a vein of the heart is connected to this finger directly. That’s why this ring wears on the particular finger.

5 beliefs about Bridal Jewellery

2. Earring:

To beautify the ears the earrings are used to wear at wedding occasions. It is of different shapes colours and sizes for bride mostly matching with their dress. It is believed that evil spirits insert into the body if you don’t wear earrings. So it works as a protector for all brides.

5 beliefs about Bridal Jewellery

3. Bangles:

In the bangles, the glass genre is mostly wearing and is considered the luck and safety of a married woman. But somewhere with the changing of culture and customs, the kind of this beautiful jewellery changed. Sometimes it is made of gold somewhere and many other stones like ivory.

5 beliefs about Bridal Jewellery

4. Tikka:

The gorgeous headpiece which is used to decorate forehead. It has various designs and colours and takes the central place among bridal jewellery. It falls at the centre of the forehead and where it falls that place called Ajna Chakra. A couple of petals represents the chakra. And these petals signifies the holy union of man and woman on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

5 beliefs about Bridal Jewellery

5. Anklet:

Anklet or Payal a traditional and beautiful instrument which creates tinkling voice when the bride walks. And its voice is considered the happiness of bride’s arrival at her husband’s home. In another way it resembles happiness.

5 beliefs about Bridal Jewellery

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