Saudi Arab Declared Extended 48 Hours Deadline to Qatar

Saudi Arab Declared Extended 48 Hours Deadline to Qatar

The four Arab states including Saudi Arabia has just made an enhancement in a deadline for Qatar. The time limit is given to accept the demands which shown in front of Qatar as a list. At present Qatar has 48 hours to accept the demands or get ready for the further sanctions. The deadline for Qatar includes 13 demands which contain End up of Al Jazeera news network, which is going to expire on the day of Sunday.

Saudi Arab Declared Extended 48 Hours Deadline to Qatar

However, the full details have not shown openly. The demands include the closure of Turkish Military base in the Qatar. They also need from Qatar to curb of diplomatic relations with Iran. The Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani Qatari Foreign Minister meet Emir of Kuwait who is the primary intermediary of the Gulf Crisis. The Qatari Foreign Minister went Kuwait with the letter from Emir of Qatar. The letter was, in fact, a formal response from him.

Qatar called the high two demands as baseless. The Arab states accuse Qatar of secondary terrorism. U.S. President Donald Trump pronounced concern to all sides regarding the dispute. The lawyers for Qatar stated the tactics were “meaningful of the extreme and penal behaviour of ‘bully’ states which have traditionally bring about in war. The world must tie instantly to halt the singling out of Qatar; on behalf of unfair collective punishment and disgrace and to reserve peace, security and prosperity throughout the region.”

Qatar has been under unique diplomatic and financial permissions for weeks as of Saudi Arabia; And its partners, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, and Bahrain.

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