43rd Tournament of Bukhatir Premier League UAE

Bukhatir Premier League 2017

The oldest tournament of the UAE, the Bukhatir Premier League 43rd edition inaugurated with Bukhatir XI. Bukhatir XI known by the name of Abdul Rehman Bukhatir who took international to Sharjah. Bukhatir XI wins the first match of the tournament beating Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) Blues team at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Bukhatir Premier League 43rd Tournament 2017

It was an extraordinary moment for the players in the Bukhatir XI; for instance, Bukhatir’s two sons Waleed Bukhatir and Khalaf Bukhatir, both set up the team turned up to this stage. Today’s chairman of the UAE national team selection committee Waleed and ECB member as well. It was a nostalgic moment as he had fully-fledged the watching of the tournament launched by his father. He said that, “I express gratitude to my father for the constant maintenance he has given in promoting cricket. At the domestic level by given that the world class Sharjah Cricket Stadium. We are all joyful and enthusiastic for the tournament. For the reason that it gives the players a chance to showcase their talent.”

2017 Bukhatir Premier League

The Bukhatir Premier League tournament always got sponsorship backing, will have One Stop Tourism. It is also a challenging cricket team, as the title supporters and backed by Cool and Cool, Delhi Nihari, besides General Petroleum. The money of prize for Bukhatir Premier League has enhanced to Dh 45,000. The winners can get Dh 25,000 whereas the runner-up can gain Dh 15,000. Sharjah Cricket Council platforms this tournament by the side of the historic Sharjah Cricket Stadium beneath floodlights.

No of Teams Participating in Bukhatir Premier League

Sixteen teams will take part in the contest of 50-over setup in Bukhatir Premier League with the semi-finals and final. The tournament is going to be played on May 21st, 22nd and 24th. Besides, it will be run live on ‘Livescores.ae’.Over-all 31 competitions will be held comprising the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final. In the inaugural match, Bukhatir XI beat ECB Blues via four wickets. Bukhatir XI had an remarkable winning record from the time when Bukhatir Premier League was established.

ECB Blues win the toss and opt to bat first. The start of ECB was excellent. The opener Sagheer Afridi scores 52 on 59 deliveries. Although after him the batsmen kept falling fast. In the same way, when A Rehman comes on he scores 30 and helps his team to reach 135 number within 31.4 overs. Mohammad Halan won the player of the match controlled the attack. Through two wickets assisted by Hanif Ullah, Umar Irshad each. Bukhatir XI come to be a bad start dropping three wickets. Rameez Shahzad of UAE scores 30 on 56 balls while Vishnu Sukumaran scores 22 on 54 shots. Halan sparkled with the bat scoring an unbeaten 24 runs off 33 balls: which helps Bukhatir XI chase the target in 33.4 overs.

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