14-year-old in Lahore discovered associated with Blue Whale Challenge

blue whale challenge

The Punjab FIA Cyber Crime Section made it clear that a little boy who is just 14 years old has been caught in Lahore; in the meantime when he was tangled in the notorious suicide game, the Blue Whale Challenge. Nevertheless, it did not make clear whether the adolescent was playing the game or intricate in it from any other point of view. It only said “content related to kidnapping clip/video in Snapchat” was found on the cell phone being used by the boy.

blue whale challenge

In a report, the agency announced the Interpol Washington notified; the Interpol National Central Bureau for Pakistan; that it had discovered action linked to the suicide play in the country. Moreover, Deputy Director of FIA Cyber Crime Lahore Syed Shahid Hassan set a team including Sub-Inspector Ashir Aroon; Assistant Director Muhammad Usman; Assistant Sub-Inspector Hafiz Zubair and Tanvir (Constable); to investigate the matter. The team toured a couple of places in Gulshan-e-Ravi and Johar Town in Lahore; however, did not notice the teen there. Then it received the GPS coordinates of the cell phone; signifying handled by the boy and tracked him down at a different place in Johar Town.

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14-year-old in Lahore Playing Blue Whale Challenge Game

What is more? It was discovered that the teen was handling his mother’s cell phone. The Cyber Crime Department appropriated the cell phone and summoned the mother and son on October 18. The Blue Whale Challenge made headlines last month; after reports declared that at least 130 teens in Russia were prompted to take their own lives; by closed social media groups. Therefore, the game, which is believed to be inspired from the blue whales; who are known to beach themselves on the determination; victim on susceptible teens with a less self-esteem. The preys are managed by group admin(s) or game curator(s) into a series of assignments over the course of 50 days.

blue whale challenge

In the commencement, the members are provided apparently simple tasks similar to watching horror videos, not conversing with anyone for a day or going out at 3 am. Furthermore, his intensifies within assignments for instance self-harm and going out of sleep. Conclusively on day 50, the game superintendent necessitates players to take their own lives. Furthermore, the players are ordered to post videos and photos as a proof to game admin that they have performed their assignments.

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