12 New Lipstick Colours to Make Up your Summer 2017

2017 lipstick colors

Lipstick stands at the first and foremost place within women make over as well as its color regarding season & trends. Here are 12 new 2017 lipstick colors to make prominent your personality. Makeup categories have some differentiations as everyday makeup, and the party makes up as well as bridal makeup. According to this partition the color changes and as changes with seasons. The summer months or brilliant season needs something different than the cold, foggy winter season.

2017 Lipstick Colors For Summer

In the summer term, the brightness is most of the time, and the faces of people get more prominent than any other season. For a reason, there is a complete change according to change in seasons.

12. Blue Red by Hourglass

It’s a luscious blue, red colour by Hourglass from its Girl Lip Stylo Icon range. The formula is a blend of intense colour and shea butter, jojoba, mimosa and sunflower seed that make your lips softer and fuller.

2017 lipstick colors

11. Gemma Mauve by Guerlain

A gorgeous shade of mauve, 64 Gemma is one out of the 20 colours introduced in the Rouge G collection by Guerlain. The Rouge G collection of lipsticks incorporates a balance of intense color and comforting pleasure of lip balm that keep your lips hydrated.

2017 lipstick colors

10. Rose Marceau by YSL

This is dazzling 60 Rose Marceau color from YSL Beauty’s Rouge Volupte Shine Spring Look 2017. Try teaming it with 49 Rose Saint Germaine to wear the color blocking look, a trend that was witnessed during Spring/Summer 2017 shows.

2017 lipstick colors

9. Flirty Brown by Huda Beauty

The latest lip beautifier in HUDA Beauty’s Liquid Matte range is this Liquid Matte – Flirt brown shade. This formula not only offers a matte finish but is also lightweight and keeps your lips hydrated.

2017 lipstick colors

8. Coral Twist by Christian Dior

This is 459 Coral Twist Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick for Spring 2017 Limited Edition. A single stroke of this lipstick will offer a hydrating top coat effect giving sensational mirror shine to your lips, which is quite a signature look for Spring 2017.

7. Tropical Coral by Dolce and Gabbana

The new color introduction for summer 2017 is inspiring one. The color is inspiring so it stands within 2017 lipstick colors.

2017 lipstick colors

6. Cyclamen Violet by Diego Dalla Palma

The ultimate three shades of lipsticks raspberry, chick pink and cyclamen violet. The rich formula to make lips soft as well. The demi-matte finish of the lipstick along with long lasting properties in it.

5. Altressa Red Velvet Matte by Christian Louboutin

From the latest gorgeous shades, the Altressa Velvet Matte shade gives a beautiful finish on your lips. The soft and smooth look for your lips.

4. Pink Punch by Bobbi Brown

Pink Punch lip colour is a lip colour as well as an art stick. The new improvement within your lip colors. The semi-matte color with an ultimate finish suits on your lips a lot.

3. Petal Rose Pink by Charlotte Tilbury

The petal rose pink of Charlotte Tilbury converts your lips into beautiful icons. The gorgeous look made by this fantastic lipstick colour suits everyone.

2. Jackie Limited Edition by Chanel

Jackie 464 Limited Edition which was produced with an extra quality of hydrating, a lightweight, creamy finish. Beautiful color along with quality to improve your lips’ softness. It stands second within New 2017 lipstick colors.

1. Oxblood by Burberry

The excellent liquid lip Velvet formulation to make your lips’ look different. The color gives a charm to your lips during this season. It has a refreshing, whipped, matte creamy finish to your lips. The formula moisturises your lips as well. It also gives your lips soft and smooth. On every application, its Oxblood color looks awesome than before. That’s why the Oxblood by Burberry stands first within 2017 lipstick colours.

2017 lipstick colors

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