10 Reasons Which Causes Dark Lips

dark lips

Everyone want their lips pink and lovely, but sometimes it happens to the lips it becomes dark. Lips are the most prominent thing in the face if it looks bad the whole impression got down. Most of the people just but worried about but don’t know the reason for this problem. Here are mention 10 reasons which causes dark lips.

Ten Reasons Which Causes Dark Lips

1. Dryness:

Lips look beautiful when the natural moisturiser for lips when applied on them in a right amount. The skin of lips is always open, and it lost moisturiser easily in the rough season. The people who take breathe from the mouth or smokes experience dry lips. In the cold and hard weather, the lips become dry which causes the darkness of the lips.

2. Lifestyle:

It is your habits and your lifestyle which also causes darkness of the lips. Taking too much alcohol or smoking also becomes causes of dark lips.

3. Cosmetics:

Women usually apply cosmetics on their lips to make it’s cute and impressive. Sometimes it is the same product which gives you beauty later it makes your lips dark. There are some lips products which are cheap, low and inexpensive lip products are made of the chemicals which are harmful to sensitive skin. Too much use of lipsticks or the lipsticks which expired can also cause this darkness.

dark lips

4. Hyperpigmentation:

The excessive deposition of melanin causes hyperpigmentation on the skin. The excessive sun exposure occurs the melanin that appears on any of your sensitive skin as lip, face, neck, hand, etc.

5. Sun Burning:

Too much sun exposure also causes black lips. Continuous sun exposure also causes darkness of the skin especially face and lips. The UV rays are also harmful to your lips. Try to save lips and all your skin from these rays.

6. Eating disorders:

Bad food ways means the deficiency of nutritional foods. The eating disorder causes bulimia and anorexia nervosa. These things also damage the lips skin, so it usually happens with your skin. If you don’t eat the sufficient vegetables, fruits and not drink enough water, this problem will appear.

7. Different medications:

There are some medications which also cause this problem, anti-psychotic drugs, tetracycline, Chemotherapy drugs, Antimalarial drugs, etc.

8. Toxins and Poisoning:

Lips may face discoloration or darkness for a different number of toxins and poisoning things or metals. These toxins are silver, mercury, copper, etc. Besides, some erosive substances, like strong alkalis, acids, and other toxic elements may cause chemical burns on your lips. Thus, you may experience discoloration or darkness on the lips.

9. Smoking:

Smoking creates many other problems as well as lips’ decolorization.

10. Dehydration:

The less amount of water causes dehydration which makes lips tone dark.

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