Precautions After Blasts And Suicide Attacks

Useful precautions after suicide attacks

Nowadays Suicide attacks are the most painful problem of our beloved country Pakistan. Due to suicide bombings, we lose many precious lives every time. In spite of these sort of attacks, many people divert and they start gossiping about the integrity of the state. This is the time when the whole nation should remain united. We will discuss here few points on should follow after any bomb blast or suicide attacks.

Precautions After Suicide Attacks And Bomb Blasts

Don’t Act Like a Security Expert

First of all don’t act like a security expert as we are not Security Experts.

Clear Your Own Vision

Don’t put your faith on the people who gave a swift response, and don’t permit their vision to overcome your visions. You have your individual separate brain then why you have to think like them?

Avoid Disappointment

Terrorists want to make you frustrated, anxious and irritated as well. They know very well that with their blasts as in Peshawar, Sehwan, Lahore and Quetta, they won’t be an administrator nor Pakistan will shatter because of them. You should neglect disappointment, anxiousness and frustration.

Be Possessive

After these blasts, you would show your interest within your work more keenly. The future of Pakistan and society of Pakistan is bright. Believe in this and be a part of this believe, it is possible.

Don’t Curse the State of Pakistan

Don’t curse, or objurgating the state of Pakistan, institutions of state and officials. When you go forward to the keyboard hastily after any incident like this, State and its officials run to the place of incident. Do criticism to make their work better, Cursing, objurgating shows the low state of mind. There is much difference between condemnation and criticism. In an atmosphere of disappointment, sink into it to become a toy into the hands of those people who spreads disappointment. You are better than those try to insist on this betterment.

Avoid Media Discussions

Try to save yourself from Media and its discussions. Anchor-persons knows the fact about the incidents as we are aware of the eight centuries old mountain on a planet. This destructive and dangerous news should be listening and know just once is enough. If you want to stay with News media, you are responsible for the condition of your mind.

Avoid Hatred News

Don’t hear any kind of hatred and non-authentic news from any nation, religion, and society which live in Pakistan. Terrorists’ needs distress, you won’t be a part of their suffering.

Belief In Your Own Nation

Do a firm belief in your community, nation, and country. Pakistan political, social, economic, regional, and international sides are much better than before. Pakistan has passed from its most pleasant time. These bad days will also pass away, take a keen interest in your work.

Avoid Hatred Content

Be aware of Political, social, religious, and sector all hatred consciously. These incidents shouldn’t happen into space whether they are chained. Claim without any knowledge is a representation of hollowness. In this condition, our all opinions should be an opinion but not knowledge.

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